Online Degree Programs For Working Professionals

Many working professionals still want to study to improve their education backgrounds. Studying again pose a challenge to working individuals as they cannot stop working in order to study as they need to earn a living in order to support their needs and or support their families. Thus, some of these working professions just abandon the idea of going to school again. Supporting their families and children is more important than their personal advancement. However, this is no longer the case now. Working professionals can study again without needing to stop from work. This is possible through online degree programs.

Perhaps the benefit of online education is most felt by working individuals. When a person is already working, physically going to school is almost impossible. It is hard to keep up with work and studying. Work has a different time schedule. Schooling also has its own time schedule. While some working professionals manage to also study at the same time, the experience is not that worthwhile. Most of the time, these working professionals are on the rush trying to catch up with their university schedules. They are always trying to not be late in their classes. Working and studying in a traditional university is possible but it is definitely not easy.

With online education work and study can be done simultaneously. Working individuals can now work and get an online degree program at the same time. Online learning is not the typical schooling where you go to school. Online education is done through the use of technology particularly the internet. Students do not go to a physical university or college at all, but use internet access to study.

Working professionals can study after work in the comfort of their personal abodes. They need not commute at all which can add to the load brought by their work. They also need not experience the stress caused by trying to catch up with their class schedules. With online degree programs, time is at the side of working professionals.

Professional advancement is now very possible and much easier for every working professional desiring to get another degree. Finishing another degree like a master’s degree for instance is one way of getting promoted at work. It cannot be denied that the higher your intellectual capacity, the more competitive you are. Higher education advances your chance of getting a promotion. Your employer won’t just award the promotion to anyone. Your employer will likely be looking at your work ethics, and your educational attainment. If your employer sees that you have another online degree in addition to your graduate degree, he will surely be impressed.

Working professionals must not forget that getting another degree could be their ticket to a higher position and even becoming the boss themselves. Online degree programs make it possible.

Top 3 Scholarships for Online Learning

The internet was one God-sent piece of technology and gift to mankind. Without a doubt it is by far the most versatile invention. Today, education can be obtained through online platforms at the comfort of your home. However, just like traditional learning system, online education can be expensive which causes many to search for scholarships to avoid the much dreaded student loan.

Good thing that students undertaking online degrees have an equal eligibility as the traditional students do. Students pursuing an online education stand a great chance of obtaining scholarships for their online university program from the university’s funds.

We put together a top three list of scholarships targeting students enrolled in online university programs. Online Learning Scholarships

It is a scholarship that is available to online students to help them meet the high costs of getting an online education. It is awarded to scholars every year in October and April. It is awarded to students based on their financial needs as well as merit. Unlike many scholarships, it can be awarded to students taking online degrees in any online learning college as long as it is accredited.

Eligibility for this scholarship includes a G.P.A of 3.0, an essay (500 words) and must be a U.S citizen pursing an online education.

SR Education Group Scholarship

This organisation provides four different kinds of scholarships including one for those pursuing online degrees. They are awarded on merit though minority groups are given priority. The qualifications for this scholarship varies depending on time and the year applied. However, on average, it requires a 3.0 minimum GPA and an essay 500 words long. It is available to citizens of the U.S only and can be used in any online accredited institution.

AFCEA Education Scholarship

A scholarships totalling to $2,000 is awarded to students pursuing their studies in an online university program. The program should however be connected to a top and an accredited four year university or college in the U.S. Basic consideration for eligibility is academic excellence.

To qualify for this scholarship, one has to be a U.S citizen enrolled in an online and accredited college or university. Only second year students and above are considered for the scholarship. As such, transcripts from the college/university are required for the coursework completed at the time of application to act as proof of your year of study. Note that classes still in progress at the time of application do not count.

Scholarships for MSC Online Ophthalmology Students

If you are an individual running a busy schedule that getting into a traditional classroom to get your education becomes tricky, then online college degree is the best solution for you. In this method of learning you will however be conversant enough with using a PC and connecting to the internet. Which in this time and age, dubbed the internet age, this should not be a problem. We have had the internet for close to three decades now and we have gotten pretty comfortable using it. With online degrees, you can study and complete assignments anywhere you are in the world. Be it in the office, while having breakfast in your favourite restaurant, while en route to a business meeting; virtually anywhere you have access to the internet.

And here is the best thing about an online bachelor degree; even with the convenience and flexibility it affords many, it is still recognised by many employers in the industry. As such, you need not worry about having a hard time landing a job after your graduation. If anything, the online bachelor degree says a lot about your discipline and self-drive. The trouble comes in affording the tuition fees required. Many are not able to raise the funds. If you are one of such persons, you need not worry, below is a list of online college degree scholarships that could shine your path to success. These grants for education are made available by philanthropic persons with vision of seeing a people with a desire to study achieve their goals.

Sanders Scholarship in Clinical Ophthalmology

This scholarship is made available by the University of Edinburgh in the UK. Up to 24 scholarship positions are available. This online college degree scholarship is worth £1,000 each. This amount is deducted from the yearly tuition fees. Successful applicants in their first year of study can reapply in subsequent years.

As for eligibility, the applicant should have been accepted into the University of Edinburgh to pursue their ChM in Clinical Ophthalmology and Masters in Primary care Ophthalmology. Applicants should also be registered surgical or medical trainees and in a reputable training programme.

Applications close on July 28 2017.

David ElPyott scholarship in Master of Surgery in Clinical Ophthalmology

This is one of the best grants for education for online degrees there is from the University of Edinburgh in the UK. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants should have gotten a First class honors in the online bachelor degree (or traditional degree) or graduated with a second class upper. Each scholarship covers the full tuition fees for the entire Masters programme.

NES Primary Care Ophthalmology Scholarship

Yet another scholarship from one of the best UK institution for online degrees. To qualify for this scholarship however, you need to be a registered optometrist under the General Optical Council. Seeing that it is a master’s scholarship programme, you need to be undertaking your masters in the relevant field.

The scholarship will cover up to half of fee of your course deductible from the annual fee (tuition).

Best Scholarship Programmes for Dedicated Online Students

Truth be told, education, even in an online university can prove to be a pretty expensive. And while grants for schools as well as loans help ease the tuition fee burden, scholarships are by far the best there is to pay for your education. Why? Well, they need not be paid back hence you will get an education and never be in debt. There are numerous online education scholarships and grants for schools available but we have listed below, the best scholarship for online degree programs there are.

Equity and Merit Scholarship For Ugandan and Tanzanian Students

Manchester University offers online university scholarships to students in the named countries seeking to pursue their online degree (Masters) in Management and Information Systems and Human Resource Management and Development. The scholarship caters to all examination and tuition fees inclusive of the cost of course materials. While the scholarship can be taken by a student in the UK, it is intended to support students in their native countries and who would otherwise not be in a position to meet UK study qualifications.

To qualify for this online education scholarship, you should not have studied abroad in the past, must be a citizen and resident of Uganda and Tanzania and have a clear idea of how the study will help them impact and bring change to the community.

In addition to this, you need to have great degree certifications – a second class upper and above is perfect for such an online university.

RCPE Masters Scholarships of Internal Medicine Students

This online degree scholarship is designed to help doctors talented and skilled in their work to take up master programme in Internal Medicine offered by RCPE and University of Edinburgh though distance learning. For consideration for the scholarship, applicants should and must complete the IETLS test and score 7.0 at the very least without getting a score lower than 6.0 in each section.

Canon Collins Scholarship for MSc Law in UK

To be eligible for this scholarship you need to be a citizen of Malawi, South Africa, Zambia or Zimbabwe. The online education scholarship is only awarded to students pursuing a master Degree at the university of long on via distance learning.

A first good degree increases your odds of getting the scholarship as does being employed either part time or full time. Also, you should be in a position to study for 10 hours at the very least.

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