Top 3 Scholarships for Online Learning

The internet was one God-sent piece of technology and gift to mankind. Without a doubt it is by far the most versatile invention. Today, education can be obtained through online platforms at the comfort of your home. However, just like traditional learning system, online education can be expensive which causes many to search for scholarships to avoid the much dreaded student loan.

Good thing that students undertaking online degrees have an equal eligibility as the traditional students do. Students pursuing an online education stand a great chance of obtaining scholarships for their online university program from the university’s funds.

We put together a top three list of scholarships targeting students enrolled in online university programs. Online Learning Scholarships

It is a scholarship that is available to online students to help them meet the high costs of getting an online education. It is awarded to scholars every year in October and April. It is awarded to students based on their financial needs as well as merit. Unlike many scholarships, it can be awarded to students taking online degrees in any online learning college as long as it is accredited.

Eligibility for this scholarship includes a G.P.A of 3.0, an essay (500 words) and must be a U.S citizen pursing an online education.

SR Education Group Scholarship

This organisation provides four different kinds of scholarships including one for those pursuing online degrees. They are awarded on merit though minority groups are given priority. The qualifications for this scholarship varies depending on time and the year applied. However, on average, it requires a 3.0 minimum GPA and an essay 500 words long. It is available to citizens of the U.S only and can be used in any online accredited institution.

AFCEA Education Scholarship

A scholarships totalling to $2,000 is awarded to students pursuing their studies in an online university program. The program should however be connected to a top and an accredited four year university or college in the U.S. Basic consideration for eligibility is academic excellence.

To qualify for this scholarship, one has to be a U.S citizen enrolled in an online and accredited college or university. Only second year students and above are considered for the scholarship. As such, transcripts from the college/university are required for the coursework completed at the time of application to act as proof of your year of study. Note that classes still in progress at the time of application do not count.

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