Scholarships for MSC Online Ophthalmology Students

If you are an individual running a busy schedule that getting into a traditional classroom to get your education becomes tricky, then online college degree is the best solution for you. In this method of learning you will however be conversant enough with using a PC and connecting to the internet. Which in this time and age, dubbed the internet age, this should not be a problem. We have had the internet for close to three decades now and we have gotten pretty comfortable using it. With online degrees, you can study and complete assignments anywhere you are in the world. Be it in the office, while having breakfast in your favourite restaurant, while en route to a business meeting; virtually anywhere you have access to the internet.

And here is the best thing about an online bachelor degree; even with the convenience and flexibility it affords many, it is still recognised by many employers in the industry. As such, you need not worry about having a hard time landing a job after your graduation. If anything, the online bachelor degree says a lot about your discipline and self-drive. The trouble comes in affording the tuition fees required. Many are not able to raise the funds. If you are one of such persons, you need not worry, below is a list of online college degree scholarships that could shine your path to success. These grants for education are made available by philanthropic persons with vision of seeing a people with a desire to study achieve their goals.

Sanders Scholarship in Clinical Ophthalmology

This scholarship is made available by the University of Edinburgh in the UK. Up to 24 scholarship positions are available. This online college degree scholarship is worth £1,000 each. This amount is deducted from the yearly tuition fees. Successful applicants in their first year of study can reapply in subsequent years.

As for eligibility, the applicant should have been accepted into the University of Edinburgh to pursue their ChM in Clinical Ophthalmology and Masters in Primary care Ophthalmology. Applicants should also be registered surgical or medical trainees and in a reputable training programme.

Applications close on July 28 2017.

David ElPyott scholarship in Master of Surgery in Clinical Ophthalmology

This is one of the best grants for education for online degrees there is from the University of Edinburgh in the UK. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants should have gotten a First class honors in the online bachelor degree (or traditional degree) or graduated with a second class upper. Each scholarship covers the full tuition fees for the entire Masters programme.

NES Primary Care Ophthalmology Scholarship

Yet another scholarship from one of the best UK institution for online degrees. To qualify for this scholarship however, you need to be a registered optometrist under the General Optical Council. Seeing that it is a master’s scholarship programme, you need to be undertaking your masters in the relevant field.

The scholarship will cover up to half of fee of your course deductible from the annual fee (tuition).

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  1. Thank for everything you have alread say , for exmple l have vision to forfeld yet,l did not have any support in the home,please how can l forfeld my vision l have?

  2. Hi! It’s a great pleasure for me to be here in order to say some about what I want
    I want to know how can I proceed to a scholarship free abroad ?
    Thank you!!

  3. It is submitted that am a student in BALLB course in CPJ College, Narela, Delhi affiliated by IP University.The duration of course is 5 years ( 2016-21) Can I get this scholarship ? My 12th. % is 67.6.

  4. how do you do,my name is Tinodaishe Chatora and i would wish to inquire if they are any scholarships offers for legal students.I am from Africa Zimbabwe

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  6. l need help, pls am a students in Akwa Ibom State University, am very brilliant an I am interested in Education but
    have seen someone that can help that is why I apply for this scholarship, pls bear with me, thanks

  7. Am a young girl from kenya undergoing my certificate in management … i lack school fees am a 1st born child of 10 i come from humble background ……am everything to my family i work so that my family and siblings have food and also pay my school fees .i wish i could have get a chance in your institution to help me thank you ,your responses are highly welcome.

  8. please how do I apply for scholarship to study music as am undergraduate student at royal conservatoire of Scotland

  9. i kindly request for a scholarship,am an international student from Rwanda,and an undergraduate.From an economically unstable family. Thank you.let me hope my request will be put under your consideration.

  10. Am a high school student pass at ordinary level .Am really need money to procede with my career.To the haerted one please assist me with a grant or scholarship….

  11. I have been following you all the time.
    I like all that you do.
    I completed high school in Ghana 2016 with grade (12). I offered general science.
    I now want to enroll my tertiary at abroad.
    Also,I’m from a financially challenged home
    I’m pleading for scholarship to continue.
    Hope to hear from anyone who’s ready to assist me.
    You can call me on
    I’m waiting…….

  12. I am a nurse practitioner working with people living with HIV in Cameroon and I wish to pursue a master degree in public health

  13. i live in Ethiopia and am a first year computer engineering student its hard here and its also hard to get a scholarship or even apply for one i need help

  14. I finished my A level lost year and I donot have hope of joining university so help I want to do tourism

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