What Do You Need to Know About Scholarships for Students?

Online colleges and online universities have gained a lot of popularity among international students as they offer high quality education that add value to their career. The online degree that is offered at accredited online colleges and online universities are preferred by employers too.

Students can choose to do online education in any field of their choice as there are various online degree programs offered by online colleges and online universities.

The financial aid that is offered to students depends on the choice of online degree that they choose. The grant or scholarship that the student gets can help them cover tuition fees and other related expenses.

Student Scholarships for International Students

Wellesley College (MasterCard Scholarship Program)

The Wellesley college provides student scholarships for nine African women. The scholarship program includes internship opportunities for students pursuing undergraduate courses.

Apart from these students also receive counselling and mentoring to succeed in their respective fields of education. Each year a group of three students get the scholarship. The application deadline for the grant program is September – January/February.

Stanford University (MasterCard Scholarship Program)

The grant is provided to twenty students from Africa. The students are academically talented but economically disadvantaged. Five students from the Sahara region are given these scholarship programs each year. The application deadline for the grant program is September – January/February.

Arizona State University (MasterCard Scholarship Program)

The scholarship program is available to ten undergraduate students from seven African nations. As part of the program the Arizona State University gets a grant of $27.5 million.

The grant is available in the next seven years and are provided to students that are academically talented but come from economically disadvantaged families. The program aims to support 180 students at Arizona University. The admission application deadline is January 1 and scholarship deadline is February 1.

University of California

The university provides logistics support to students from sub-Sahara African countries from 2012 – 2020. A total of 113 students pursuing graduate and post graduate programs are eligible for the grant. The deadline for graduate students to apply is November 30th and for post graduate students it is from December 1 – January 8.

Michigan State University

The students are provided full tuition scholarships for pursuing graduate and post graduate degree programs. The Michigan university receives $45 million and through a nine-year period 185 students may receive the grant. This includes 85 master’s degree program students and 100 graduate degree program students.

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  1. am a poor student i need a person or funder who can help me upgrade for a masters degree i have the interest but have no money to continue with the studies.iwill be the most grateful

    • I am very happy to get this high granting opportunity i will wish to success if ALLAH say , finally also great thankful to Malaysian government to support those interested to proceed their level of academic but can;t afford the money and subsistence basic need of university,what i request is to proceed my degree level to master of veterinary department especially fishery production management and its control of disease . Somalia, good lucky.

    • I am a poor student i need someone to help me upgrade my studies,and i don’t have money to continue studying.
      thank you

    • Book haram destroyed my village in kautikari Chibok LGA, religious difference put me at disadvantage getting state scholarship in state like Borno with Muslim majority.Our sisters case, the Chibok school girls for instance. Its really hard for Christian minorities to get such opportunity.

    • am a poor student i need a person or funder who can help me upgrade for a masters degree i have the interest but have no money to continue with the studies.iwill be the most grateful

  2. most of time i want to be engineer at the child time so know i am student of civil engineering student but i need to up great my on position if u can help me any one,i accepted
    mostly i have no money then u should be understand it,my country ethiopia she need a good and stronger hared worker and grateful students,then please help me

  3. I think that this program can help me in order to find study due to my parents cannot afford to do it fir me after receiving my diploma of bacc…
    And I’m looking forward to traveling abroad and study there…

  4. I have full interest to change my live through education and i believe that i can make change but i have no money to continue my education(studies) am poor student
    i need person or company who can help me to continue my degree program(studies). iwill be the most grareful

  5. i am an african student determined to pursue my goal but have no funds to make it possible.Im sincerely seeking help and will be very grateful if you can help pursue my goal.

  6. I would really be glad if I can be offered a grant or bursary to study medicine in any European university as I do not have any sponsorship but I have very good academic results

  7. Am a a female refugee in kakuma refugee camp and am not able to continue with my degree because of no fees please i need your help whoever is interested help please

  8. i want grant/funds and full scholarship to do phd..plz help.regards.adnan jehangir.associate professor of history geography and pakistan studies

  9. Want scholarship to study architecture in USA and Canada.for undergraduate studies.i will be through with my high school by June 2017.

  10. i am a ugandan national done with uganda advanced certificate of education. i did physics, chemistry and biology with mathematics as a subscidiary. i would like to persue a degree in either human medicine or pharmacy. i can be reached on +256 782606275. i shall be grateful for your help.

  11. I aspire to be a medical doctor,
    I’ll actually finish the high school -needless to say I want to be go getter. Unfortunately my beloved parents couldn’t manage to assist me financially. How am I get access to FSD ?

  12. Michigan State university is a top priority for my studies. I am a Liberian student who is talented educationally but financially challenged. I have a great interest in pursuing a graduate degree. I would be grateful if given the opportunity to learn and be a help to some one like me tomorrow.

  13. This is Chingore Fungai ,aged twenty and a Zimbabwean by nationality who is looking someone to fund my academic proceedings for I’m stuck due to financial crisis.

  14. I have a degree in the field of economics and a second class upper but would wish to do a masters degree and i need to get a scholarship. how can i be helped

  15. Am poor student so I need a person or schoolarship to help me in continuous in the course of digitization logos of embroidery but I have no money of studies so I need help me

  16. iam from less devoloup area in pakistan and iam apoor man and i want to study further but i have some financial problems please help me

  17. Hello! actually I’m interested in studying but I have challenge of funding, when I get help I can proceed my study and accelerate my performance.

  18. Ok want to study but not having funds on me. May Allah reward who ever help me to archive the knowledge I’ve been searching for. Thanks

  19. I have the enthusiasm to further my education but lacking the financial support
    I will be grateful if I am granted the financial support to further my education
    Thank you

  20. I am a very bright student who graduated with a 2.1 from arts faculty. I need to proceed to masters, but there is no means for the payment of tuition and living expenses. I love social work, please someone should be my helper

  21. Good day Sir/Ma,I am Ogbonnaya Bassey Kalu,from Nigeria. I would like to study at the University, but am handicapped by financial factor.I have strong and undieing passion for education, but my single mother parent can’t afford to pay my fees at the University. I would be highly delighted if you would consider me for a scholarship.
    I desire to hear your reply at your

  22. l would like to know more about scholarship to African student who are interested to study chemistry.l would like to study masters degree in chemistry..lam from zambia.

  23. I am determined to study but because of the lack of money I couldn’t continue my high school after my A level. I would be grateful to have a scholarship. I am 20years old

  24. I really need a bursary iam doing Bed natural sciences majoring with mathematics ands life sciences. Please a bursary to fund me on 2017 i will be doing my second year. I can be very grateful to get one

  25. I really need a bursary iam doing Bed natural sciences majoring with mathematics and life sciences. Please a bursary to fund me on 2017 i will be doing my second year. I can be very grateful to get one

  26. Im looking for help to further my studies .i want some money to go to the university as an undergraduate,but my family earns a little to pay my fees

  27. I would like to request if you can help me to continue my studies to university. I finish to study secondary school but I am poor I can’t get the money for studying university. thank you for your best answer which you will give me

  28. am pleased with this program and interested, am a needy student from south sudan please if you can help upgrade for bachelors degree i will be grateful.

  29. I don’t have matrix but I would love to get the chance to go back and further my education could I get the bursary that doesn’t need matric I need to go back to school please help me out

  30. i would reaaly like to improve my translation studies. My father has 6 hildren and he will not afford training me abroad. i will be grateful to be awarded a scholarship

  31. Am orphan no father no mother even to eat is very difficult. I will really appreciate if you can give me the opportunity to be educated. Cos I really have passion for education

  32. I am from Curacao an athlete and a vrry intellegent student. I could like to further my studies. But my father dies of cancer and my mother cannot offord it to send me to school.

  33. sir i belong from poor family.
    I complete my study in scholarship.
    my dream is i help poor students for education.
    i want my all life busy for poor students and poor families.
    i hope you help me for education and help other
    my best regards for you.
    than you.

  34. im clovis kayiranga im a 26 year-old guy, shortly i accomplished my high school diploma in 2011 but i couldn’t afford the tuition fees to go to the university until now, finally i realised that there’s no anyother option other than searching the scholarships. hopefully i will find one or any organization to take me to the university and hopefully you must be the one. thank you

  35. I am poor student who had this grades social B2,English C6, C-Maths B3,Int science A1,Chemistry A1,E-Maths A1,Biology B2,Physics C4 in WASSCE 2016 needs assistant to realise my dreams.cont(0578379209/0249414818)

  36. i believe that one has to be educated for a better future.i have dreamt of being a geophysist which i will make sure to pursue,thank you.

  37. I want to study medical laboratory science but I don’t have the fund to study it. pls I will be grateful if am help

  38. am a partial orphan from Kenya need fanincial support mostly scholarship to study a degree in a actuarial science

  39. I am interested to further my education career as a health educationist,but money is tying me down.The brain and high enthusiasm is there Just the money.I graduated with distinction as a physical and health educationist from Nce

  40. I am poor student I am from east Africa I have bachelor degree I need master degree I am interesting this programs I can speak English excellent Swahili excellent Somali excellent I am cultural person please help me please help me please help me phone 252617656261 E mail fatheryare@gmail.com

  41. I am victim student because I live in fear 1997 until now I am looking for my first child Mohamed after when his mother stolen me I travel other city when I came back she was tell me your boy was died this is long history last information I was got 2009 but until I am victim

  42. I like how you are empowering students… Thanks a lot and am interested to be offered may be a scholarship.. The will be grateful

  43. am a degree holder bat i want to go for a master bat i lack money please let me have a donor to sporser me have mercy at me

  44. I hereby request for an assistance in scholarship,I would like to study medicine at St George’s university but I have financial problems.

  45. I’am an orphan students I have a certificate in psychology and am willing to study further at an international university throughout the World

  46. I would like to be assisted in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business adminstration. Am a Kenyan aged 23yrs an orphan. Your assistance shall be highly appreciated.

  47. I am a student from Kenya, narok county, I am looking for a schlorship to pasue a second degree or masters in any area related to geography and environment

  48. I appreciate you efforts in helping the ne
    edle. I’m interesting to read medicine but, poverty wanted to cover me in a cave,I thereby need you aid to do this work.

  49. that is really good news to me dears,thanks ,,,can you help me how to join this program in electrical and computer engineering master fields?

  50. I am Hannah from Ghana and would like to study food and nutrition but due to financial constraints I am stuck at home.I need help

  51. I’m a first year student at Headstart Montessori Teacher Training College in Namibia doing Early Childhood Development and Pre Primary Diploma for 3 years, I’m struggling to pay for my course. Please help Me financially

  52. Hello I have a diploma in Occupational Therapy, I have been admitted at university to do a bachelors degree in physiotherapy but I don’t have tuition fees please help me

  53. Im about completing my degree in social work and I want to do my masters after school pls can I get sponsors to help me?
    Thank you

  54. am in 300 level presently, reading law and I need tuitions for school fees and law school and a sponsor for my masters

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    you can reach with

  60. I want to study Diploma in Human Resource Management but I got financial problems. I completed my high school level in 2014

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