What Are the Top Scholarships in US for International Students?

US is one of the most preferred destinations for students from all over the world looking to get top quality education. Online education from online university and colleges are popular among international students as this enables them to study and gain additional skills.

Online degrees are available to international students and they can make the choice depending on their individual interest. Limited scholarships are offered by online university and colleges to international students.

The list of financial assistance programs that are offered for online education include:

Government Scholarships for International Students

  • Fulbright Program for Students

This student program is a complete financial assistance program that is offered by the government of US for international students. This program is available for students looking to pursue doctorate or master’s degree. It is also awarded for non-degree postgraduate online education. The grant helps cover tuition fees, health insurance and text books.

  • Humphrey Financial Assistance Program

This fellowship program is available for professionals. They need to be from designated countries. The students are selected based on their assurance to do public service in both the private and public sector. The grants cover all education related expenses.

US Universities and Colleges Offering Financial Assistance to International Students

American University

A limited number of partial grants are awarded to first year undergraduate students. The financial assistance is not need based for international students. Grant offered – $6,000 – $25,000 (each academic year). The renewal of the grant is subject to conditions.

Apart from this the American University also offers AU Emerging Global Leader Grant Program and this is available to students pursuing a bachelor’s degree and dedicated to bringing a social change.

The grant is for students that return home to their countries after completing the education and want to bring improvement to poor communities.

Amherst College

A need based financial grant is provided to international students. The financial need is determined after the student is admitted to graduate programs. The grant that is equal to their needs is allotted. The grant is also known as an aid package as it combines grants and employment help.

Online degrees are gaining a lot of popularity among international students. This has resulted in more number of online university and colleges offering them to students from all over the world.

Before international students opt for the various online degrees that are offered by online university and colleges they need to ensure that grants are available to the programs they choose.

65 comments on “What Are the Top Scholarships in US for International Students?

  1. Hi! i am interested in the scholarship offered in Government Scholarships for International Students
    Fulbright Program for Students what are the requirements to apply?
    I want to study masters degree/doctorate but I have financial problems that we can’t afford for. I am not from US, I am living in the Philippines and i’ll waiting for your reply.
    thank you.

  2. Hello sir i requeste to you people’s that i belong to very poor family and con’t pay the University fee and two semesters fee are still unpaid so helf me through by any source

  3. Please I’m Ghana, Africa and I’m in financial diabetic crises concerning my university education but have a good considerable academic perfomance.I need some help please.
    Thank you.
    Emmanuel Fosu.

  4. Hi I am Dr Zar Chi Soe from Myanmar. I have got post graduate diploma in Medical Ultrasonography (Asia), this is one year programme which is awarded by Australian society of Ultrasound in medicine. And another diploma in radiology from Myanmar. I want some scholarship programme about for further study. Please reply me.

  5. Good afternoon. I am doctor Okeke from Nigeria. I graduated from University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu and currently doing my 1year house job training. I want to know about ones opportunity to get placement for residency in a good institution overseas.

  6. I want to apply for scholarship in your for the course of biochemistry. I’m undergraduate with only level for now. I have five credits Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English and Maths. I need details to apply

  7. Hi, I’m Jaffara Eric from South Sudan looking for post graduate scholarship in field of International Relations. I had bachelor of International Relations and Diploma of Public Administration and Management.

  8. Hullo.
    I need to pursue a bachelors in public health online.Which of those universities have a scholarship for the above program.
    Joseph Muleebwa

  9. Humphrey Financial Assistance Program. I’m well prepared to do the community service as long as i’m assisted with my educational needs

  10. Can a student be awarded a scolarship to study alongside a job which he or she can do to pay any other requirement(s)

  11. Am already studying at university in year 2 and am having challenge to pay my school fee,so am looking for fund to psy for my school fees

  12. am so glad on this scholarships for African countries since many people can not afford fees. Actually this scholarships have brought much light in Africa. Am much interested in this scholarship so that i may bring more development in Africa

  13. i like what you do to help others and will be very greatful if it could also be done for me,so i can have the chance to study and help others after my studies….waiting for you reply….thanks

  14. I don’t have parents I want to study in
    university next year in 2017 I don’t have money to fund my self I really need your help help me please I need money to study good luck

  15. am requesting for a scholarship to study university so that i can help my family and country to maintain or achieve sustained future goals of eradicating the poverty.

  16. It is a wonderful thing that America shows it’s kindness to financially disavantaged students all over the world by giving them the necessary financial assistance to pursue their dreams .Because of that I say God bless America !!

  17. so i am East Timorsense people i really want to study abroad and it is a good opportunity so that i can be challenging of my future in there …..thank you for listening. …

  18. I am a Kenyan a first year student in one of Kenya local universities undertaking bachelor of Education Science in MATHS and PHYSCIS. My family is poor and can’t support me in my studies ending up missing semester two. I humbly beg for for a scholarship in pursuing ECONOMIC AND MATHEMATICS . i will be glad to recieve a positive feedback

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