What Are the Fully Funded Scholarships Offered by Universities?

Most students wishing to expand on their educational qualifications find it difficult to do so due to time constraints. Online degrees give them the convenience to pursue education and career at the same time. Online college degree is similar to degree programs offered by traditional universities.

The curriculum and scholarship programs offered to students pursuing online bachelor degree is the same as those offered to regular students in colleges. Online degrees offer a lot of convenience to students. Students can choose to study anytime and anywhere they want.

Students can access the online college degree and online bachelor degree course materials online. Online degrees can help students meet their educational and career goals. The students can join the online programs anytime of the year.

The number of online college degree and online bachelor degree programs offered by colleges and universities have increased to meet the ever-growing popularity of these courses among students.

Fully Funded Grants for Education

Westminster (UK)

Grants are provided to eligible students from developing countries. The scholarship program is available for students to pursue post graduate degree courses in the university.

Full tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation and airfare charges are covered in the fully funded grant.

Bradford University (UK)

The development scholarship program is available to students facing hardships in their own country due to economic and other strife. The grants for education is available for students pursuing a master’s degree at the university. The grant is £25,000 and covers tuition fees, living costs and accommodation.

Adelaide University (Australia)

The grant is available to students pursuing a post graduate degree at the university. Health insurance, tuition fees and annual living allowance are covered in the scholarship program offered by the university.

Tu Delft (Netherlands)

Fully funded grants are provided to international students pursuing a post graduate program at the university. Tuition fees, living expenses and monthly allowance are covered in the grant.

University of Sydney (Australia)

The grant is available to students pursuing a post graduate research program or a master’s research program at the university. Living allowance and tuition fees are covered by the grant for three years.

Gates Cambridge (UK)

The fully funded grant is available for graduate and research programs at the university. The students can choose to do the degree programs in any subject. The grant covers the full cost of study at the university. Tuition and university fees, airfare and maintenance allowance are covered by the grant.

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  1. Please am Baba David in university of Education Winneba in Ghana,am in level 300 .please i deeply need your help as granting me scholarship to continue my Masters degree in 2018 thank you.

  2. I hope I can be back to school to pursue my studies. But sad to say my parents Income wasn’t enough.
    please someone can grant me a scholarship

  3. i have been applied for for scholarship since i was in my ND national diploma and i find it difficult to get that the scholarship up to now i did get any kobo i applied since 2012. and now i am in university i find too difficult to run my school better please with regard to my problem please mr chairman assist me thanx you.

  4. My name is Woinshet from Ethiopia. I have MA Degree in U rban and Regional Development Planning. And I need to Proceed my MSC in Natural resource Management. So, I need a scholarship.

    • My name is Woinshet from Ethiopia. I have MA Degree in U rban and Regional Development Planning. And I need to Proceed my MSC in Natural resource Management. So, I need a scholarship at one of the Universities at Netherlands.
      Thank You

  5. I am grade 12 student in this year hopefully i will get best result from my final examination and I need to attend my undergraduate programs in abroad so if I get the chance I will do all my best

  6. I really need a busary because I only have one parent who is not working she’s getting disability pension fund, and I didn’t get NSFAS at university

  7. My name is Itai Zvawanda.I am a man aged 34.I do hereby apply for a fully funded PHD in Operations Research and Statistics.I am a holder of MSC operations research and statistics,B Sc(hons) Mathematics and a Post graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education

  8. Our son is currently studying at the faculty of pharmacy at Sanata Dharma in town yogya semester 6. lecture finished another year to reach a bachelor (s1). to take our son pharmacist degree must take the pharmacist (profession). for that we need a sponsor for college expenses. please if their foundations are willing sponsors can email me at: oei_leonardus@yahoo.com, I am very grateful for the assistance and help. Thank you for your attention

  9. I need scholarship for masters studies, I have bachelor degree in Community Economic development with GPA of 3.8

  10. Iam from poor family orphan with big family offer me a full scholar ship for masters degree so as to promote your country and to help my country and family

  11. Offer me afull dcholarship i will promote your country culture and by doing so i will be able to help people in my country in administrative issues eliminating poverty and corruption.

  12. I’m a Liberian. I studied Economics at the state run University Of Liberia. I m in search of a scholarship to do my post graduate studies in any of an Economics related courses.

  13. Hello, sir/madam my name is Girmachew yalew from Ethiopia, Africa and I am graduated from university of Gondar with bachelor of science in applied mathematics by good cumulative GPA since 2009. If I get a chance to learn my masters in applied mathematics any where in the world am so proud and lucky. Any one if you have a chance to success my interest you have well come. Thanks

  14. Kindly grant me a scholarship please completed high school in 2014 and since then I have been at home because of no finances


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