Excellence Scholarships for International Students

Online education has become the preferred choice of international students. Online degree programs offered by online university and colleges are popular all over the world due to the convenience they offer to students.

As online education is provided using web based technology students can study from the comfort of their homes. The entire study material and project details are available online. This enables the student to access the study material whenever and wherever they want.

The number of online university and colleges offering online degree programs has increased substantially with the introduction of new programs and courses.

International students can complete their online degree programs from accredited online university and this adds a lot of value to their online education.

Grants for School Offered by Universities

University of Geneva (Switzerland)

The faculty of science offers grants to outstanding students studying at the university. The students can choose to pursue a master’s research degree in science. The grant amounts to CHF 10,000 – CHF 15,000 (each year).

ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

The university offers two scholarship programs to students pursuing master’s degree. The grants for school covers study and living expenses. Tuition fees are waived for students.

ENS International (France)

The scholarship programs at ENS are offered to 30 international students choosing humanities or science. The course offered at the university is for a period of 2 – 3 years. A monthly stipend of 1,000 Euros is provided to the students.

Utrecht University (Netherlands)

Students pursuing bachelor’s or master’s degree at the university in select fields are offered grants. The grant is usually awarded as tuition fees. Some students are paid tuition fees and living expenses of 11,000 Euros.

Leiden University (Netherlands)

The scholarship program is available to outstanding students pursuing master’s degree at the university. The grant provided to students is £15,000 (tuition fees) or total tuition fees less the home allowance.

Macquarie University (Australia)

The students are provided a partial tuition fees to pursue graduate and post graduate degree programs. The grant amount is AUD $10,000 (each year).

La Trobe (Australia)

International students from all over the world get grants to pursue bachelor and master’s degree programs. The grant amount available to students is $10,000 – $20,000 (per year). This scholarship amount covers tuition fees.

Monash University (Australia)

International students with good outstanding academic qualifications get grants from the university to pursue graduate and post graduate degree programs. The grant provided is valued at $10,000 (each year).

98 comments on “Excellence Scholarships for International Students

  1. I study History and Heritage studies in universty of Rwanda I need the courses related that my option I know to speak two languages French and English I have many marks in my class unfortunately I have born in poor family i don’t have the capacity to finish my study thank you a lots

  2. I have a great interest in pursuing an undergraduate (Bachelor)degree at the LA Trobe University. I am a Liberian who wants to learn and contribute to the world at large.

  3. I hold a bachelor degree in History and Archaeology,university of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.I wish to pursue masters degree in sciences, anyone with a valid piece of advice is requested to help me achieve my academic goal.
    Am looking for a full scholarship as economically not well off

  4. am a 4th year medical student at shenyang medical college and am desparately looking for sponsorship for the remaining two years to enable me finish and practice

  5. Good day Sir/Ma,I am Ogbonnaya Bassey Kalu,from Nigeria. I would like to study at the University, but am handicapped by financial factor.I have strong and undieing passion for education, but my single mother parent can’t afford to pay my fees at the University. I would be highly delighted if you would consider me for a scholarship.

              I desire to hear your reply at your 

  6. My name is Salifu Mubarick a student from Ghana and also a holder of SHs certificate ,I completed this year and want to pursue to the higher level of education abroad. I will be grateful if one of this noble institution admit me as a student. I hope my application will be considered.Thank you.

  7. My name is Salifu Mubarick Student from Ghana I have completed secondary school and want to pursue to higher education, I will be grateful if I’m granted admission to this noble institution. I am good at Economics, mathematics and geography and want to pursue in Economics with mathematics, law and politics, mathematics with geography and education , Architectural Building and construction and Accountancy.

  8. hello thank you so much am lilian from uganda would like to get a masters scholarship at leiden university but what are the details for the registration i sofar have a bachelor in business administrat

  9. Am pastor Grace from Kampala city of Uganda.I have maby students who have failed to join university because of lacking tuition.iam here crying and begging u to include us on your programe of 2017.we shall be very happy to see our request put into consideration.

    Thanks alot.
    Pastor Grace,Kampala Uganda

  10. The information provided are very helpful.
    I am from Liberia, persuing a Master’s degree in Environmental studies.
    How can I get started?

  11. I’m Isaac Ansah from Ghana and I want a scholarship program to continue my studies please. I count on your kindness to help me achieve my dreams thank you.

  12. My name is kanwal gull.
    I belong from Pakistan.
    I want i complete my study in scholar
    I apply for full scholarship.
    I hope i complete my study in London university.
    and I hope you help me for my study.
    I want I always help other people for education.
    My best regards for you.
    I hope you help me for education.

  13. I have received a letter of admission to attend Adygey State University in Russia but there is not fund/Finance to enable me to get in school. I am a Liberian residing in Liberia.

  14. Dear sir/madam
    I am writing to you as a somalian refugee student in Sudan so I need to help me for schoolarship;
    Surelly I am different any other person who is refugee becuase I don’t have any person to assist me.
    so, I contact you to help me.
    I have 2 masraters politcal sence and education(curriculum and the teaching methods.
    I humbly request you and your goverment for Schoolarship
    because it’s the only country that spearhead human right and aid the handcapped class in the societies. In Somalia.
    I promise to obey the rules and regulations of your country as well as your culture.
    I hope you will consider my request positivelly.
    you’re faithfully
    khadar mohamud wardere
    Madani St, Khartoum 12223.Souda

  15. I am grateful for this unique opportunity iam a graduate with a BSc degree in general Agriculture at William v s Tubman university Liberia. with so much passion in education hoping to take up one of your scholarship. thanks

  16. Dear Sir/Madam


    Referred to subject above,i am a male aged 28 a Burundian refugee lives in Zambia.
    I am grateful for this hopeful opportunity,am a qualified A-Level Diploma in sciences and i wish to study in UTRECHT UNIVERSITY(Netherland).
    My consideration will highly appreciated.

  17. I need a scholarship
    I have no other way out to study software development in any university
    But a scholarship would do
    Please grant me
    I want to achieve success in life

  18. Please i am a graduate student from Ghana and i need financial help or scholarship for my master’s degree abroad. i have gotten admission from University of Aberdeen and University of Hull as well. please help me

  19. please my Amofa Yaw owusu, am 17years old and my parents are facing financial problem and as for they cannot cater me and my two brothers. please my basic examination certificate will describe how harder I am. i want this noble institution to help to continue my senior high school at one of the following countries, Germany, Japan and Canada

  20. I am SAMUEL from nigeria I wish to apply for scholarship to run a B.Ed program at utrecht university netherlands. I will be glad to receive goodnews soonest.

  21. I have Bleacher Degree in Accounting and worked more than 10 year inthe profession of accounting multicultural organization government sector ,private sector and NGO. I need MBA scholarship if there is a chance .Thanks a lot in advance.

  22. I am Mesfin Tekle from Ethiopia. I want to study in Europe which is the most blessed continent in the world. I have BSc degree in Natural resource economics and management from Ethiopian known University Mekelle University and thanks a lot for your time and consideration.

  23. I have just cleared high school in Kenya and got a B+ and i am looking for a schorlaship to further my studies either in Kenya or abroad

  24. Am looking for scholarships in postgraduate in environmental science.or
    Masters in science education.
    Gratefully in advance inform me through my email.

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