Best Scholarships for International Students

Each year hundreds of international students choose to do online degree programs to add value to their education. The online degree is available in different fields and students can choose the subject of their interest and enrol in online colleges that offer them.

Online degree programs that are offered by accredited online colleges are preferred by employers. Students completing an online degree from reputed colleges are able to learn new skills that are valuable at the workplace.

Most international students choosing online degree programs at reputed online colleges are also able to get financial assistance. The financial aid that is offered depends on the choice of online degree and college.

Students can do research about the different types of scholarships and grants that are offered by colleges and universities so that they can choose the college best suited for their specific educational needs.

Student Scholarships Offered by Colleges

British Chevening (UK)

Students from eligible countries from all over the world may be able to apply for the scholarship program provided by Chevening. The grants are usually for a one year master’s degree.

The student scholarships cover tuition fees, economy class return fare, living expenses and additional grants that can help cover any kind of essential expenditure.

Netherlands Fellowship (Netherlands)

The fellowship program helps promote capacity building in organizations. It is provided to students and working professionals in 51 countries. The grant is offered for master’s and doctorate programs. Apart from these programs students opting for short courses are also eligible for the grant.

The fellowship is given to students with the intention of supplementing the salary so that they can continue with their studies. The allowance that is provided to students can help cover the cost of tuition fees, cost of living, visa costs and health and travel insurance.

Eiffel Excellence (France)

The grants program has been developed by the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The grant is intended to attract academically talented international students. The scholarship program is available for students pursuing master’s and doctorate programs.

A monthly allowance is provided to the students. Although tuition fees are not covered the grant helps cover health insurance, return trip and cultural activities.

Swiss Excellence Scholarship (Switzerland)

Graduates from over 180 countries are provided an opportunity to pursue education in master’s and doctorate research program by the Swiss government. The students can choose to do the research program in any field of their choice. The grant covers tuition fees, monthly allowance, health insurance and lodging allowances.

74 comments on “Best Scholarships for International Students

  1. I am a Ugandan citizen, graduate in Social and Philosophical studies. Currently, i am searching for study opportunities that empower me to serve and transform the lives of many other people.
    I am impressed by the opportunities offered but would like to know what it takes to obtain them. Thanks a lot!

  2. I would like to study either online or fulltime for any course in the business degree subjects. I already have a diploma in business management and so badly want to further my studies. My only problem is financial difficulties. please help me.

  3. I am facing a lot of financial difficulties but I have the aim of pursuing education. so I want you to help me out of that.

  4. i read with a clearly understanding, and am total interested in joining this program surely it will help me a lot ever since am coming from poor background in rural area

  5. I would like to increase my theological skills to be able to serve in God’s kingdom and change people’s lives by full transformation spiritually,Socially and materially. what can you help me to see my mission comes true.

    Be Blessed
    In Jesus Name
    tel: 00250783280453

  6. my name are dotto augustino fumba am in Tanzanian country I need to make a just a friends of this institution

  7. I need a scholarship to study ICT abroad.I’m curently an HND ICT graduate and would like to further my education but unfortunately for me I don’t have fund to support myself.I’m ever ready to work n pay back if necessary.

  8. I just wrote matrix and my mother is not working, am worried about going to varsity next year,would you please find it in your heart to help me,am a hard worker when it comes to my school work.

  9. What about under-graduate programs !!!!
    Like me i dropped out of school when i had just joined university because of failing to raise tution…but ur not talking about under-gruate programs any where !!

  10. I’m under degree program in electrical/electronic unimaid Borno state Nigeria graduating 2018. Need master degree in aeronautics.

  11. Thank for providing these information. It is helpful.
    I am from Liberia and wishing to study Environmental science /Environmental studies.

  12. I will feel honourned if you grant m a chance to go to university becaause am an orphan.Due to this goin to University is a challeng.l obtained good results from my A level.l would love to do law. Am a young lady from Zimbambe

  13. Am an international student who need help financially to enable me to further my education to the tertiary (university) level to make become useful to my community, country and to the entire world at large. It is my prayer that i will be given the needed support to make my dream a reality .
    Thank you.

  14. I am 2 second year graduate from machakos university in kenya.But recently have lacked school fee ….i always believe that with God everything is possible..and today I have told my God I need a scholarship and God directed me here…please i need some help

  15. I’m a Nigerian.I’m a second year student of the University of Calabar,Calabar,studying Political Science as a discipline.Due to the present economic melt down(economic recession) in the country,life is so hard and unbearable for me.Without saying much.Please,I’m begging for a financial support from anybody that is financially endowed. Nothing is too small and nothing is too big. Thanks and remain blessed!

  16. I would like to study in Russia to be a medical doctor. It has been my dream since I was at school. To go anytime.

  17. May I be assisted financially, I am a first year student at the university of the western cape,I am going to do maths and statistics but I can’t register and pay for accommodation and school fees and text books this Friday the 25th of February is my last day to register if I don’t register by that time I will be removed from the school

  18. Sociologically scholarships provide the essential ingredients for pursuing education at individual levels and the society in general.

  19. I am first year university student in ethiopia in anesthesia department but Now I would like to study marketing oR hotel management course please am begging you and any one can help me in online education and in financial status.this is a good job and proud to be in this job thank you

  20. Hellow.
    Am lloking for scholarships in postgraduate in environmental science or.
    Masters in science education.
    Kindly inform me via my email

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